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Powerful Presenting

Course Duration:1 day

Course Content:

  • Elicit the Emotional States in Your Audience that Keep Them Resourceful
  • Use Nested Loops to Get That Information In Their Brains
  • Use Your Body Language to Anchor & Communicate Authority When Necessary
  • Use Humour Appropriately
  • Control the audience
  • Getting in the optimum state
  • Use Your Own Energy in Your Presentations
  • Handle Questions Smoothly and Elegantly
  • The secrets of influence and group persuasion
  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Motivate and Captivate Audiences


Course Summary:

Here you will learn how to command the attention of your audience non verbally. You will learn how to get into optimum states and be able to elicit the same from your audience. You will overcome any fear of public speaking. You will be able to keep the attention of your audience with great story-telling, using nested loops and anchoring techniques.