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I met with the manager of the two staff who attended your last Powerful Presenting course and picked up rave reviews! One of them has made considerable steps forward since the course, not just in the training room but in their general level of cnfidence around the office with colleagues. Thanks!

Peter Hill. (Employee Development Manager - Sheffield Homes)

I attended your Introduction to NLP course, it was a relaxed atmosphere where I learned many new concepts and techniques for changing into a positive frame of mind, will definitely be able to use these in my work.

Jacqueline Eginton (MD - Voice Telemarketing)

Thoroughly enjoyed todays Introduction to NLP. The strategies I learned for overcoming my fears and panic are great! Want more of this.

Julie Brierley (Assistant Personnel Manager - Sheffield Homes)

Your Powerful Presenting course was great! It was fun and very empowering. I enjoyed learnig about the hierarchy of language and how to use it to engage/capture your audience. Looking forward to the advanced course!

James Starbuck (Chief Executive - Barnsley Premier Leisure)

Loved the relaxing atmosphere, thoughtful discussions, exploring new ideas and techniques and there's a lot I ca take back to my organisation from todays Introduction to NLP. I have learned techniques for dealing with situations I used to feel less confident about.

Peter Hill (Employee Development Manager - Sheffield Homes)

I really enjoyed learning new ways of thinking, how to assess and lead an audience as well as all the different techniques and language patterns. I will be able to prepare and put all that I have learned from the Powerful Presenting course into action!

Lisa Glew (Trainer - Sheffield Homes)

I have learnt a lot about myself as a trainer after attending your Powerful Presenting course. I loved the psychological side, the feelings & thoughts of our trainees and how to deal with our feelings as trainers. An amazing day!

Becki Hodkin (Trainer - Sheffield Homes)

I got a lot of practical experience and ideas from your Powerful Presenting course and thoroughly enjoyed learnng about the language patterns.

Matt Smith (MD - Optimas)

Your Sales & Language course was a really enjoyable day - it was good to se new innovative ways of persuasion and self motivation.

Bob Staveley (Sales Exec - Dearne FM)

I thoroughly enjoyed your sales training. It was intuitive,in a relaxed environment and the trainers were knowledgable and entertaining.

Tina Tomlinson (Customer Service Assistant - Barnsley Premier Leisure)


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