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Telesales Training

Course Duration:1 or 2 days

Course Content:

  • How to structure calls for maximum effect
  • The psychology of phone sales
  • Using language in creating client interest
  • Voice tone and rhythm
  • Avoiding and inoculating against client objectives
  • Using metaphor and analogy
  • Gaining agreement / closing
  • Confidence building


Course Summary:

Get maximum effect from all your calls by structuring the call correctly, understanding the psychology behind telephone sales and using language to best effect in creating client interest. The ability to use voice, tone and rhythm to to best effect is your main tool when selling over the telephone, and we will teach you strong techniques in how to avoid and inoculate against client objections. This professional telephone sales course examines in great detail the challenges that the sales person faces on the telephone and provides practical and workable sales solutions for people who use the telephone to sell their products and services on a daily basis.

Very interesting and informative, a truly enjoyable day - Jackie (Abesco Ltd)

A whole new perspectiveand very fascinating - Ruth (Abesco Ltd)

Some great tips I have now used to amazing effect, I am etting through to the right people more of the time and getting more business, thank you. - Lew (Offclean Ltd)

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